Links to scholarly articles that address issues related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

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Quick reads

Links to quick reads such as Op-Eds, Perspectives, and Mainstream articles on DEI

Training resources

Links to available trainings across VT and the web to start and continue learning.

Activities and discussions to start with your group

Catalog of suggestions to start discussions on anti-racism, gender discrimination, and inclusion in general with your lab, class, or other small group.

Programs for minoritized individuals in academia

Lists and links of programs that aim to recognize, fund and support minoritized individuals. Please reach out to the DEI committee or department if you want to be nominated.

People and places to watch

Suggestions for other resources to engage with to increase your knowledge including books, movies, people to follow, institutes to look at, etc. 

Programs and efforts that support DEI

Programs and efforts across the university and field that are working to support DEI and what they are doing. Includes resources for funding efforts and engaging nationally.

Where you can report incidents of bias or find help

If you have been the victim of discrimination, you have witnessed an incident of bias, or you are seeking help for any reason, look here for links for support.

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