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Imposter Syndrome

January 23


Kelly 210

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts their own accomplishments and has an internal fear of being exposed as a fraud. Come learn about this syndrome and discuss how we might identify and help ourselves and colleagues overcome it.

Facilitator: LaDeidra Monet Roberts, PhD

Articles for discussion (click to access):

1. Mullangi & Jagsi "Imposter Syndrome: Treat the cause not the symptom" (2019) JAMA

2. Laursen "No, you're not an imposter" (2008) Science

Women in STEM

February 27 


Kelly 210

Women in STEM and the workplace face specific challenges. For the first time, women now make up more of the workforce than men and thus, these challenges are even more felt. We will discuss the issues that women face in STEM, academia, and in general in the workforce and how we can address these issues as a community.

Facilitator: Jenny Munson, PhD 

Article for discussion (click to access):

Grandey, Gabriel & King "Tackling taboo topics: A review of the three Ms in working women's lives" (2019) Journal of Management

JC Williams "The 5 biases pushing women out of STEM"  (2019Harvard business Review

What is productivity anyway?

April 24



The combination of working from home, dealing with work-life constraints and distractions coming from all sides is definitely having an impact on productivity. However, it's important to still check in and take care of ourselves. We will discuss the issues facing productivity and our need to redefine productivity in this turbulent time (and in general). 

Facilitator: Mary Salcedo, PhD


Stop trying to be productive, NYTimes


How to write in quarantine, Vox


Productivity tips during the Pandemic 

The "Hidden Workload"

May 11


In academia, there is a hidden workload which includes things like informal advising, committee work, recruiting, outreach events, and other service to the university. These elements are important to the functioning of the university as a community, however, it is documented that this "hidden workload" disproportionately falls upon the shoulders of minoritized groups. We will discuss a recent publication in which the extent of this workload is analyzed and solutions offered.  

Facilitator: Miguel Perez, PhD

Article for discussion: MF Jimenez et al. "Underrepresented faculty play a disproportionate role in advancing diversity and inclusion" (2019) Nature Ecology & Evolution

Tentative: First gen in STEM


Being the first in your family to go to college or graduate school can be challenging for a number of reasons. We will discuss challenges faced by first-gen students to gain an appreciation for the difficulties that come with navigating the unknowns of research, mentoring, networking, and coursework. 

Facilitator: TBD

Article for discussion: TBD

Other reading: Bailey Smolarek "The hidden challenges for successful first-generation Ph.D.s" 

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